Nov 07 2016

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We at First Congregational Church are a progressive, open, and affirming congregation. We are interested in justice, peace, and freedom. We are Christ centered, yet recognize that there is truth in many religious paths. We are pluralistic, spiritual, and believe in the dignity and worth of every human being.  

We support your right to discover God on your own terms.

We are in search of truth and are open to your search.

We will not tell you what to believe.


  • We think God is – not was – revealed through science, mystery, and personal epiphanies.
  • We celebrate and find strength in diversity and view it as a way of understanding the inclusiveness of God’s love.
  • We want to hear what YOU think…Join us!

We encourage your thoughts during the worship service.

Sunday Worship & Sunday School

11:00 am

  • We welcome all people of any age, gender, race, sexual orientation, ability, marital status, gender identity, or economic condition are welcome into our faith community.
  • We are a liberal congregation who encourage free thought.
  • We believe that many doctrines, creeds, and dogmas have merit, yet do not choose one that represents all of us.