Interfaith 101 » First Congregational Church – of Tacoma

Apr 22 2012

Welcome to the Religions of the World Interfaith links and resources. The following are videos, articles and statistics, concerning different faith traditions from around the world.

Religions of the World 101

Introduction to An Interfaith Perspective

Reccomended Reading:

  1. Religious Literacy by Stephen Prothero (available through the Tacoma Public Library)
  2. Toward a True Kinship of Faiths: How the World’s Religions Can Come Together by HH Dalai Lama XIV (available through the Tacoma Public Library)
  3. Getting to the Hearth of Interfaith: The Eye-Opening, Hope-Filled Friendship of a Pastor, a Rabbi & a an Imam by Ted Falcon, Don Mackenzie, & Jamal Rahman (Available to purchase at

Interfaith Organizations

  1. Interfaith Alliance
  2. Interfaith Youth Core