Spiritual Sanctuary

Oct 04 2017

7209 S Puget Sound Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98409  (253) 383-3878

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Providing sacred space for worship, fellowship, and community service.

On any given Sunday, you will enter our Spiritual Sanctuary to witness a variety of different denominational faith traditions sharing worship space  We at FCC stand as a testimony to religious pluralism. When we realized that other congregations needed worship space, we opened our doors to a few wonderful groups who have chosen to share our beautiful sanctuary on Sundays and during the week. Below you will find the Sunday worship times, contact information, and links to the various congregational websites. We as a ministerial collective, want to invite you to experience cohabitation and sharing in spirit.  Join us this Sunday!

First Congregational Church

“…This church stands as a testimony to religious pluralism…This Spiritual Sanctuary is dedicated to providing sacred space for worship, fellowship and community service.”

Spirit of the Lord Ministries

We have times available for congregations who need a place to worship.

Contact us for more information.